Navarre Minerals has improved on our ‘Social Licence to Operate’ score from 4.44 last year to 4.51 out of a possible five, according to the Navarre Minerals Stakeholder Perception Survey of our Mt Carlton mining operation conducted by Deloitte in February of 2022.

The score shows that “stakeholders feel that it is their project, with some level of identification with the organisation,” which indicates full trust and approval of Navarre and its operations.

The highest scores came from Traditional Custodians and First Nations Indigenous Organisations (scoring a perfect 5.00), Community Organisations, and Government organisations and representatives.

Navarre prizes our relationships with First Nations and traditional custodians of the land, spearheading environmental rehabilitation projects, scholarships and apprenticeships with local Birrah Indigenous communities, and our ongoing support and partnerships with local communities and organisations.

The yearly survey aims to gain valuable feedback from our stakeholders to ensure we are building trust and ongoing relationships while respecting the environment and giving back to the local communities in which we operate.