Prosperity and a Positive Legacy

Navarre Minerals partners with local communities to unearth shared prosperity that lasts generations. We are focused on sustainability. We are committed to responsible exploration and development, aided by continuous community engagement. Navarre recognises and works with Indigenous communities to ensure the preservation of significant cultural and historical sites.

Sustainable Mining

Throughout Navarre’s history and present, we aim to exceed the requirements of the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 and the Code of Practice for Mineral Exploration. We routinely examine all aspects of our exploration and mine development, with a particular emphasis on the social and environmental effects of our operations. In all our operations, our overarching strategy is to avoid environmental harm as much as possible. We invite members of the community through forums with local government and Indigenous elders to ensure we implement exploration and development that increases community economic benefit while minimizing our impact on the environment.

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Exploration in Victoria

Navarre worked with the Minerals Council of Australia to create this informative video about mineral exploration in Victoria. We are proud to have some of our team and projects appear in the video to help provide information about exploration activities and techniques that take place on public and private land. The video complements the MCA and Victorian Farmers Federation Land Use Guide which provides information to private landholders on rights and obligations of explorers and landowners and advice on negotiating land access.

Information Sheets

Project Platypus

Navarre Minerals is proud to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Project Platypus. The MOU outlines how Navarre and Project Platypus will support the environmental health of the Great Western area through ongoing initiatives: community tree planting, weed control, promoting education and research in Earth Sciences and environments for school students, and how to better protect the local ecosystem with other expert stakeholders such as Landcare.
Project Platypus aims to form a broad coalition of stakeholders to maintain and improve the health of the Upper Wimmera Catchment by promoting sustainable land practices and supporting local landcare groups and landholders.

2017 MOU2021 MOU

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